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FHD1080P WIFI Car DVR Cameras ADAS Dash Cam Rearview Camera Automatic camera DVR G-Sensor Night vision camera dual cameras

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    Novatek 96663
    Camera Aperture
    F1.8 Large Aperture
    170 degree A + grade high resolution ultra-wide angle lens
    Image senso
    Front:IMX 307,back:IMX 323
    Camera Resolution
    Video format


      Without battery,built in super capacitor
    G-Sensor,with WIFI APP function,Motion detection,ADAS,HDR&WDR
    GPS tracking
    Optional accessories
    rear camera

      Optional accessories

    Support multi-language

      Parking Monitor

      Support,suggest buy a transformer line for 24 hours Parking control



    Function Introduction
    1. Automatic Recording Function
    Start engine, car DVR will turn on and start recording, shut down engine, car DVR will save videos automatically. The recording files will be stored in SD card. earlier video files will be overwritten when SD card is full.
    2. Photographing Function
    At standby mode, press Mode button 3S to be photographing mode, press OK button 1S to photograph, if need to exit, press Mode button 1S. 
    3. Motion Detection
    In standby mode, press Menu button 1S to enter the setting menu. Press Down to move the cursor to the <Motion Detection> option, and set it to <On>. If the camera senses a moving object peripherally, device will enter the video recording status. If the camera does not sense any moving object within 60 seconds, device stops video recording. To exit the motion detection mode, enter the menu again, and set the state of the <Motion Detection> option to <Off>. 
    [note] If you need to use the motion detection function for a long period, please keep device power on all the time.
    4. G-sensor Function
    The DVR is fitted with a built-in collision sensor (G-sensor). In case of severe vehicle collision, the DVR locks the image data generated at the time of the accident, and displays a lock icon in the middle of the screen.  
    [note] The collision sensor (G-sensor) supports sensitivity adjustment. By default, sensitivity adjustment is <Off>. You can change the sensitivity settings as needed in the setting menu.
    5. Date and Time Setting.
    In standby mode, press Menu twice to enter the system setting menu. Press Down button to move the cursor to the <Set the date> option. Press OK button 1S to confirm it, and enter the <Setting> menu. 
    [note] Press the <Up> and <Down> button to select values, press the Menu button to proceed to the next option, and press OK button to confirm setting and exit. 
    [note] To effectively record the date and time of obtaining the evidence of the traffic accident, set a correct date and time before using the DVR. 
    6. Video Playback
    In power-on mode, press Mode button twice to enter the playback mode. Press Up or Down button to look for file in need, and press OK button to play back the file. If need to exit from playback mode, press Mode 1S.
    7. ADAS function 
    Turn on ADAS function at menu setting, the LDWS and FCWS functions will be available.
    8. WiFi 
    Find WIFI option at menu setting, set it on, it will show SSID:WIFI account, password on the screen. Find the Wifi account in your mobile phone WLAN, input the password, the device will connect with your mobile phone through the APP.
    【remark】①press Up button 3S to turn on/ff WIFI hotspot.
     ②search“roadcam”at Google or Apply application store and download it.
    ③when device is connected to APP, only Power, Up and OK buttons are available. 
    9. Flash dish mode
    Connect DVR to computer by USB cable , the screen displays memory mode, Press OK button to enter the USB flash disk mode, video files can be checked on computer. 













    Wifi connecting and APP 
    1.WIFI function
    Select WIFI optional at menu, press OK button to turn on WIFI, device will enter AP mode, screen will show SSID: WIFI name and PWD, connect device WIFI hot point by WLAN.
    a. before connecting device by WIFI, please make sure device is recording with SD card inside, after APP connects device successfully, WIFI icon on screen will become green.
    b. Press menu button 3-5 seconds can also turn on WIFI function directly.
    2. APP download and install
    Scan QR code below to download APP, or search RoadCam at Apple store or Google APP.
    3.App connection steps
    1. Turn on WIFI on device, screen will show hot point name and password, like picture below:
    2.Turn on RoadCam APP on mobile, click”connect other device”to show current available WIFI hot point list, look for the right hot point, and select it, type the default password”12345678”, like picture below:
    4.How to operate APP
    1. If device connects APP successfully, WIFI icon on device will become green, APP interface will also show car dvr image simultaneously, car dvr related setting can be operated on APP including recording, photographing, playback, downloading video and other setting and so on.
    2.Video record
    Click “record” to record or suspend recording, when device is recording, a red point at left-top will be twinkling, record time will also be shown simultaneously.
    Click”photograph“ to switch to be photographing mode, click”photograph”to photograph.
    4.Video and pictures playback
    Click”car dvr video”to check video list, click the video to play it, if press the video 3-5 second to move it to mobile or delete it.
    Click”photo” to check photo list, click the photo to check or download the photo.
    Click “setting” to do some setting.
    6. Camera switch
    Click”switch” to switch front and back camera(optional)
    7. If need to disconnect car dvr WIFI connection, press Menu button 1 second.(note: if APP is connected to device, please don’t do any operation on device to avoid WIFI disconnection.)

    Warranty and Guarantee:

    1. All the goods are inspected before shipment, so if you are not satisfied with the purchase, you can exchange the items in one week and you must contact us within 24 hours of the receipt of your purchase 2. The shipping and handling charge is not refundable and customer should be responsible for all the charges of returning and reshipping.

    3. All return items must be in its original conditions, including box and accessories. Men made defects are not guaranteed, such as broken, scratched and so on. 4. For any items, please send by EMS or your local post when send back.



    1. Buyer’s early confirmation will be highly appreciated after receiving the items. 2. Since your feedback is very important to our business’s development, we sincerely invite you to leave positive feedback for us if you are satisfied with our product and service. It’ll just take you 1 minute, but this 1 minute has the extremely vital significance to us. 3. Please contact us before leaving any negative or neutral feedback. We will work with you to solve any problems. Thank you for your understanding!

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