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Shift Knob ShifterTruckHigh Low GearSimulatorShifter To Logitech G923 G29 G27 G25 TH8A Para ETS2 ATS Euro Car Gear Lever

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  • Description

    Applicable to modified G25 / G27 / G29 / G920 H/TH8A THRUSTMASTER TH8A gear
    American Truck Simulator
    European Truck Simulator 2

    and other simulators and games 

    100% brand new high quality
    high and low gear handball head, suitable for players who modify G25 / G27 / G29H/ TH8A gear ETS2 & ATS,
    can use the switch to quickly switch between high and low gears, including two switchers, up to 18 gears.
    Independent USB cable, plug and play, easy to install, only supports PC windows system

    Open the ETS2 / ATS game settings: option → Controls
    (Keyboard→Select add joystick controller name) →Transmission H-Shifter
    →Shifter layout (Eaton Fuller 10/13/18 speeds)
    →Shifter Toggle:1 Joy Button 1→Shifter Toggle:2 Joy Button 2
    →Shifter Toggle use Switch Mode √

    Type: Shift Knob
    Color: Black
    Applicable: PC-USB

    Package Included:
    1 x USB SIM Shifter Knob
    Installation manual

    Basic Settings
    First plug the device into the computer.After entering the game ,the following prompt will pop up,please click “Ignore”.

    Go to the Control menu and enable the “Truck Gearshift Knob”.

    Scroll down to “H-shifter setup”.When “Clutch or throttle” is selected for “”Shifter fast (advanced only)”,you can switch between Low/High gears by depressing the clutch or releasing the throttle.
    ETS 2 settings are as follows.

    ATS settings are as follows.

    Key binding
    Please turn the splitter and rang selector to the lower position first.Then find the shifter toggle in the controls menu.
    Click the “Shifter Toggle:1”,at this time,turn the rang selector to the upper position,and then dial it back to the lower position;
    Click the “Shifter Toggle:2”,at this time,turn the splitter to the upper position,and then dial it back to the lower position;
    Finally tick the “Shifter Toggles use Switch Mode” checkbox.

    1.Unable to bind key
    a.Check if the “Truck Gearshift Knob” device is enabled in the “Control” page of the game.
    b.Whether all devices enabled in the game are connected to the computer.Therefore,if the enabled devices have been connected to the computer but still cannot perform key binding,you can try to close other devices at this time(in the enabled device bar,check other enabled devices as “None”),and then perform key binding.

    2.The state of the device is inconsistent with the state in the game
    Since these games are not supported by SDK and cannot know the state of the game.At this time only need to toggle the high and low speed switch/preselection valve can be.

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